​​​​​​​As the ARTEMIS CREW-6 steps out of their spacecraft onto the barren landscape of Mars, they are filled with excitement and anticipation. The team, consisting of two families and a total of eight skilled astronauts, has just completed a grueling 14-month journey to the red planet. Their mission: to explore and study this distant world.

The excitement is short-lived, however, as on the second day of the mission, the crew detects a strong interference anomaly in the magnetic field. Despite their best efforts, the effects on their nervous systems are severe, and they soon become hostile and lose their minds. The situation quickly spirals out of control, and all members of the crew perish after just five days on the planet, under unknown circumstances.

The Artemis Crew-6 mission was a tragic end to a bold mission to explore one of our nearest planetary neighbors. The incident has left many questioning the risks and unknown dangers that come with space exploration.

AI generative art exploration done with #MidJourney and #Photoshop

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