Hello, my name is Mark. I've been a passionate graphic designer and art director since the late 90s. And yes, I'm a little bit into science fiction, space travel and astronomy.

I started my career in the advertising industry, art directing fashion and interiors photo shoots, creating campaigns and brand design. As a passionate consolero, I also jumped at the chance to leave my mark in the gaming industry. And still I love to create beautiful and inspiring work. Even though I specialise in branding and marketing, I am always looking to expand my creative horizons. 

Artificial intelligence will soon be part of the daily business for almost all of us.
I am deeply convinced of the idea that we need to overcome personal and social divides more than ever. Humanity needs to work together as one to keep up with AI.
It will create some interesting new fields of work and wipe out many jobs.

As machine learning moves towards technological singularity, a new era of humanity is beginning. 
The world is increasingly moving towards inequality. The gap between the needy and the greedy is widening every year. Faster and faster. Billions of people can barely live off the labour of their hands. This could be the time when a few politicians but also private individuals will have to make permanent decisions that will determine whether humanity as a whole will prosper or perish.

Some of my recent work shows this strong imbalance between wealth, greed, poverty, abundance and scarcity.
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