Below are two examples of a packaging design for the gaming industry.
As team lead of the corporate branding unit at Goodgame Studios in Hamburg, I was able to regularly develop and produce packaging and press kits for inspiring game titles together with my creative team. The Logo Designs had also been developed within my team.
Legends of Honor Press Kit
The Legends of Honor Press Kit includes a copper mug with logo laser engraving and a wooden USB stick with the digital version of the game. Another gimmick is the specially made sweets in the form of health runes and the folder for "Legendary Drinks".
My first thumbnail sketch of the Legends of Honor Press Kit already contained most of the details of the final product, which was released 6 weeks later.

Press Kit "A Little Lost"
For the launch of the new puzzler with the title "A little lost" and as an initiative marketing
campaign of the new IP on the games market, I designed this press kit.
It was primarily addressed to female press representatives and journalists.
It contains all relevant information about the background of the title as well as images in
digital and printed form and on refined postcards. The central "highlight" is a small light for luggage or handbags that handbag that switches on when touched.
The little pebble shaped stone glows in the dark ... and you feel a "little less lost"!

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